MSB Kid's Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair - Navy Blue, 27"



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★★★★Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair★★★★

Strong and Durable: Bean Bag has a large opening with a durable zipper that lets your child find any toys quickly.
Clean and Tidy Rooms: Forget about endlessly picking up after the stuffed animals all over the kids room. If you love clean rooms and organization, try out this fun and functional storage bean bag that makes clearing the mess easily.
The perfect bean bag chair for your kids: Not only will they fall in love with the comfort of their new chair it doubles as storage for their favorite toys so they’ll take pride in tidying up and keeping their toys cozy and comfy in their   new home also!

9 Main Features That Make This Bean Bag & Toy Organizer Your Choice:

  • Reinforced stitching. Ready for heavy duty use. 
  • Outside Large Pocket.
  • 100% smooth and soft cotton canvas.
  • Stuff n’ Sit beanbag. 
  • Holds your kids’ toys. 
  • Ultra-resilient yet smooth zippers!
  • Washable fabric. 
  •  Carrying and hanging handle on top. 
  • Available in 3 Patterns   

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  • Cotton
  • ★FUN FURNITURE FOR ALL KIDS!: This bean bag chair for kids is more than just a comfy chair just for them, it’s full of storage for all their favorite toys! Forget about toys all over the floor. Forget about cleaning all the time. Forget about messy rooms! Get yourself the most multipurpose bean bag chair cover and find your peace of mind again. Store inside all of your kid’s toys, teddy bears, dolls and stuffed animals pillows, blankets, clothes and keep your floors tidy from now on.
  • ★SUPER COMFY: Made from super soft materials your kids will sink right in and love every second, designed to help with fidgeting they’ll be so happy with the comfort they won’t want to move!
  • ★MORE THAN JUST A BEAN BAG: Your kids bean bag chair has its own storage compartment so they can store all their favorite toys inside, looks great in any room and encourages playtime so they’ll get a good workout!
  • ★ENCOURAGE FUN TIDYING! Having their own fun storage unit, you can create the habit of tidying with your child easier than ever and they’ll have so much fun doing it to as their favorite toys will be going to bed in their bean bag home after their long day of playing!
  • ★THE PERFECT GIFT: Your bean bag chair for kids is the perfect gift, a huge colorful gift that will send them jumping for joy and excited they can give their toys a great new comfy home! Machine washable and water repellent durable cotton canvas material made from cotton



  • Brand Name: MSB
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Navy Blue

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