What are the benefits of playing with PEGBOARDS ?

What are the benefits of playing with  PEGBOARDS ?

A pegboard is traditionally a flat plastic or wooden board with small holes where children place tiny, multi-colored pegs inside using their fingers.

Some children enjoy designing their own pictures, while others may pick and choose at random, or follow structured patterns.

A pegboard has several advantages for toddlers:

Eye-hand coordination and fine motor control

Pegboards for toddlers provide the chance to enhance eye-hand coordination and fine motor control. The toddler must grasp the peg and successfully place it in a small hole.


Color recognition

Most pegboard sets for toddlers are bright and colorful. This enhances color recognition and identification.

Multiple activities

Independently and with adult guidance peg boards for toddlers can be used for many different activities. 

Wondering what you can do with a pegboard? 

Here are few  ideas to use with this pegboard for kids to build fine motor skill, as well as to enhance a child’s creativity and problem-solving:

  • Sort the pegs by groups on the board by color.
  • Place the pegs in shape designs (circle, square, triangle, cross, diagonal lines, house) and have your child try to copy them with their pegs.
  • Arrange the pegs in small groups on the board and work on rote counting, or for older children to practice addition and subtraction.

  •  Set-up an alternating bead pattern for your child to follow (red/yellow/red/yellow) and expand the pattern if it is to difficult to include more colors and different sized pegs. 
  • Give the child one peg at a time so they reach out and place their fingers on the stick end of the peg. See if they can rotate the peg in their fingertips without using their other hand, then place it in the pegboard.





Peg puzzle - Mosaic Pegboard Puzzles



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  • Silvia - March 07, 2020

    We purchased this for a 15-month and he is really engaged. He is being challenged as he puts the pegs together and that is exciting to see. He likes the shapes and colors of the pegs.

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