Kids are fascinated with trucks so much, why?

Kids are fascinated  with trucks so much, why?

It is notable that young kids are fascinated by big trucks. Playing with these toys, they are imagining themselves to be the construction workers, the firefighters, etc.

Pushing smaller vehicles around the floor will provide training in many of those skills.

If their toy vehicles have levers, opening doors or windows or other age-appropriate moving parts, then even better. They also love toys that have movable parts. These vehicles typically have wheels, hoses, etc that can be manipulated.

sand trucks

The more ways there are to play with the toy, the more skills they can learn. Kids will prefer vehicle play if there’s a figurine included so they can act out a scene and imagining themselves to be the construction workers, the firefighters, etc.

What are the benefits of playing with cars and trucks?

The benefits of playing with trucks are: enrich the vocabulary, coordination, imagination, social activity, motor skills.

Enrich the vocabulary, they learn words like dump trucks, garbage trucks, monster trucks, fire trucks, pickup trucks, semi-trucks, tractors, steamrollers, and others.

Coordination: playing with a small part, kids learn to move things around. They see how quickly or slowly the toys roll and learn about what they can do depending on how much pressure they apply

Imagination: Small rocks make wonderful additions to truck play or any small item — buttons, beans, or dried lentils — that can be scooped, piled, or spread fits the bill. These items are open-ended enough to fit the needs of any imagination

Social activity: playing with trucks & cars is playing with power, power roles, power relationships, identifying with powerful things, understanding how "power works" at a literal level.

Motor skills: opening and closing doors, putting people in the trucks, or moving bits of track around, kids pick up fine motor skills.


This plastic dump truck features a working, movable bucket so they can dump sand, rocks, etc sand truck




The RC Sand truck. Fill the truck back with s toys, dirt, sand, gravel - anything. Then use the fully functional radio controls to drive to your site. The great details make this sand mover looks as if it's real life, heavy-duty dump truck. Age range from 8 years old.



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  • Kathy - December 09, 2019

    Thank you so much I got the truck yesterday and it is perfect he will be so surprised when he opens it for Christmas. God Bless you and Thank you again have a very Merry Christmas. Kathy

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