Why are a few childproof door locks that you must have in your home?

Why are a few childproof door locks that you must have in your home?

Best Child Proof Door Knob Covers and Locks

It is vital to require precautions and utmost care to confirm that the kid within the home is safe in the least times. Keep doors, cabinets, and wardrobes fastened or child-proof. there's no telling once your kid will open the door or pull one thing off a cabinet and hurt themselves in any means.

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1. Child Safety Cover 

These white doorknob covers come in a pack of 4, making it easier for you to child-proof as multiple rooms and doors in your house. They are quick and easy to install. It has a minimalistic design and is compatible with most spherical doorknobs.



  • Compatible with most spherical doorknobs.
  • Simple to install – simply click, and it’s able to go.
  • Openings on the edges for straightforward access for adults.
  • Completely safe for your kid.

2. Child Proof Door Lever Lock

If you have other door handles in your home, then this is the child-proofing system that you are looking for. The lever lock is an easy installation device that keeps the door handles in place and prevents your child from turning them when not needed.

Turning of a lever is prevented by the handle, two buttons on the side can disable it. Once it is disabled, you can also see a yellow indicator on the lever that indicates anyone can open it.

This childproof door handle lever comes with an adhesive back that can be easily installed on your doors. 


  • Has a decoy button that ensures your kid doesn’t open any doors.
  • Simple to put incomes with an adhesive back.
  • Quick access for adults.
  • A yellow indicator that shows once the system is disabled.

3. Baby Proof Knobs, Handles, Doors 

Along with doors, cabinets and wardrobes need to be child-proofed as well to avoid them from removing something and harming themselves. Which is why Jool Baby also brings to you cabinet locks that come in a handy U-shape. The lock can easily be slid onto the two cabinet handles and locked from the other side to prevent your child from opening them.


  • Simple and easy to install. Sturdy to ensure your child doesn’t open the door.
  •  Universal design suitable for wardrobe and cabinet handles of all sizes.

4. Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

The Door Monkey is an absolutely easy device to install on your dors, whether a knob or a handle operate them. It comes with a clasp that is suitable for standard door sizes. It has a lever on one side that locks the door with the help of the door frame or the wall. To open, you simply need to pull the lever or press a button from the other side.


  •  Easy clip-on installation.
  •  It can be installed on any height that’s preferable.
  •  Keeps the door slightly ajar to keep the room ventilated.
  •  Easy unlocking by just pulling a lever or pressing a button.
  •  Suitable for any door.
  • The door is always slightly open.

5. Child Safety Cabinet Lock Latches 

These cabinet cupboard lock latches help to babyproof your cabinets and cupboards to prevent mishaps. Curious toddlers may enjoy rummaging through drawers and cabinets where breakable items or tools or unsafe small parts may be kept. These safety locks can be attached to cabinet door latches to keep them safe from any dangerous object inside. They are easy to install and stick firmly on the latch with a reliable adhesive which is removable when no longer needed.

Child Safety Cabinet Lock Latches

  • Keeps babies away from danger
  • Adults can open easily while toddlers are not easily able to figure it out.
  • It cannot be a long term fix, tends to wear off with time.

6. Finger Pinch Guard  

The baby door stopper is created from soft foam and helps to stop pinched fingers, door slamming. It's a versatile C form and fits any door and is straightforward and straightforward to connect. it'll not slide off or fall off due to the tight match and keeps the kid from obtaining accidentally fast in too. 

Finger Pinch Guard

  • Especially useful in windy areas.
  • Can be put high up so that is not noticeable
  • Easy to remove 


Why We Recommend These Products

It is important that your house remains a safe place for your child at all times. These simple devices are not only pocket-friendly but are easily installable and also make sure that your child remains safe.

So go ahead and get these easy child proof door knob covers and locks for your home and prevent your child from entering areas that are not entirely safe for them. 

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