What is STEM and what are STEM toys?

What is STEM and what are STEM toys?

The term STEM  stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.  STEM toys are part of educational games for kids. Everybody considers them "cool toys for boys".

For us, STEM education and toys create a curiosity regarding the planet, enhance creativity and imagination. Providing children with access to STEM toys has obvious advantages, the child who starts out playing with a toy computer may develop an interest in programming. The kid who plays with her chemistry kit could invent the next unknown compound.

I read an article where Psychologists have mention "By playing with age-appropriate STEM toys, babies and toddlers learn to distinguish shapes and colors, build spatial skills and prepare for future learning. These simple STEM toys for toddlers and babies lay the groundwork for future scientists, entrepreneurs, and programmers, helping them learn new skills while interacting with the new world around them"

electronic kit



I read that  in each classroom at "Educational Playcare", there are  some activities that families can try at home to support each STEAM discipline like:

  1. Science
    • Creating a walking rainbow
    • Growing plants from seeds in a jar
  1. Technology
    • Using programs or playing games that help develop typing skills
    • Practicing reading, writing, or math skills through a fun and educational app
    • Testing different household objects to see if you can use them in different ways than their original purpose
  1. Engineering
    • Designing and creating straw bridges
    • Designing a structure out of cups, sticks, and blocks and testing its balance
    • Creating a maze for your child’s toys
  1. Art and Design
    • Painting with a pendulum
  • Researching what happens when mixing watercolors and oils
  • Observing how plants absorb water with food coloring
  • Dipping craft sticks into different colors of paint and building structures with them
  1. Mathematics
    • Counting and sorting toys and other items
    • Practicing adding numbers together in different orders and observe the consistent answer
    • Learning about odd and even numbers
    • Learning about different coins and bills and how to add them together




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  • Tylor - January 30, 2020

    Fun to build with my son. He was very proud when we finished and it walked

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