1. Buy a good epilator, from our store

2. Do not wait too long between epilations,

3. Epilating dry skin causes it to dry out too much and it will open your pores up, therefore, make sure you do it with water is warm,

4 Start epilating in the places where you will feel the least pain such as the lower legs,

5. Stretch your skin with one hand as you epilate with the other for less pain,

6. Many people have a problem with ingrown hairs, avoid this by exfoliating on a regular basis,

7. Clean your epilator and its accessories frequently to remove dead skin and any hairs,

8. Do you have an important event coming up? Shave a day in advance to give your skin time to go back to normal,

9. Your epilator comes with two speeds. The slower one is for fine hair and the faster one for longer, coarse hair,

10. For wet epilation, let your skin soak in water for about 5 minutes before you get started. You should use a shower gel for smoother results.

epilator for lady

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Tips by Helen Robinson from "Grab the roots"


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  • Marie Jacquet - January 31, 2020

    Everything works. Fast shipping!! Perfectly copes with its function

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