Smart Toy: What is the perfect one?

Smart Toy: What is the perfect one?

Which kind or type of  smart toy we prefer ?    We came to the decision that our toys mast be that were suitable for each important developmental in the first year. We discovered  so many toys that kids love because they are fun and learning opportunities!

Smart toys , must include toys that encourage tummy time to toys that are great for accompanying the babys first steps. And I looked for smart toys that can help babies develop and practice all the new skills that they learn at this early stage.


Scientists regularly find that so-called “transitional objects” like stuffed animals or teddy bears or  help children handle emotions.



Because , completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve.

wooden puzzles

Puzzles: A boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem. Encourage the problem solving, reasoning skills

building blocks

Building Blocks

This excellent toy will  help to develop their vocabularies, improves math skills

Mega Blocks 

Blocks are big and easy for little fingers to assemble. Encourages hands-on exploration as children imagine and create.

mega blocks

Miposaur is manufactured by a well-known Hong Kong toy company called WowWee.  The product is about 40 cm in length, same as a little dog but more fun and exciting.

black dinosaur

Talking about the first feature of Miposaur is that it is controlled via gestures. While in hands, it stops and turns through a swipe gesture in the corresponding direction; that works in our experience but only conditionally. The locomotion is achieved through two wheels, enabling it to hold its own balance. Moreover, clapping and pull the tail of the toy has different effects.

Miposaur which is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app includes tons of features and mini-game featuring dinosaurs.


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  • Eduard - January 16, 2019

    Hi ,
    To us the most important is to develop the skills of our kids.

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