How to choose the right toys for your grandchildren!

How to choose the right toys for your grandchildren!

Grandparents show you the truest form of unconditional love. When the time comes to give a present, it's important to give them a present as sweet as they are. 

Babies & toddlers 

Babies are just starting to explore the world, so we recommend toys that can stimulate their various senses, for example, toys with lights and sounds.

penguin - stuffed animals

Toddlers will have interests in such themes such as dinosaurs, TV series or favorite colors where it doesn’t matter what the toy is, as long as it’s pink or red or blue, etc.). They will be playing more independently and starting to enjoy pretend play.

blocks_colorstrain wood


Their skills will have developed to a point where they are able to use more difficult toys such as puzzles and simple craft sets.

wood blocks

Playing with any kind of “Building blocks”. The satisfaction of having finished a model boosts confidence and self-esteem. Encourage children to make their own models too though as this promotes additional skills such as creativity and decision making.

Jigsaw puzzles are great for keeping children engaged when there is no one else to play with and promote skills such as problem solving, logic and strategy. As 3-year-olds are now learning to play with other children puzzles can also help with cooperative play and turn-taking.

 pattern block


Magnetic building blocks: It can let children naturally recognize the principles of magnets by feeling the magnetic power and help to lead children to the world of limitless imagination and creativity

magnetic building blocks


Racing Car Kit with funny lights and sound electronic assembly drill. Kids will be able to assemble the racing car and rebuild them again.

DIY racing car

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