Howto keep your Dog Happy & Engaged

Howto keep your Dog Happy & Engaged

Do you think your dog is bored?

Probably your dog gets bored when they’re not given things to do throughout the day. 

You can see the following signs

  1. Digging holes excessively in the garden.

  2. Chewing on shoes or your possessions

  3. Seeking attention - Barking or whines excessively

  4. Exhibiting Destructive Behaviors

  5. Your dog follows you around everywhere? 

Excessive chewing, digging, barking,  these sorts of destructive behaviors are often caused by dog boredom.

To stop destructive behaviors you need to give your dogs something more constructive to do.  To keep your dog fit both physically and mentally you’ll need to come up with some interactive activities and dog toys to enjoy together.

Good ways to provide a dog enjoyment are through puzzle toys, walking, (such as putting treats in a Kong), and regular training. Those activities will helps keep our dogs happy and entertained.

Things to do (MUST):

  • Dogs Need Interactive Play & Fun Games

 interactive toy

  • Alternate Toys to Keep Your Dogs Interest

  • Provide Your Dog With Enough Exercise

  • Change up Your Walking Routine, find new places to walk and play

  • Most dogs love chewing, Give The Something to Chew On

chew toys

  • Have Your Dog Work For Their Food - Instead of just handing over their food a few times a day you can make a fun game out of it for your dog.

  • Get Your Dog a Puzzle Toy - Puzzle toys are a nice and easy way to keep your dog busy & entertained 

puzzle toy for dogs

Things to do (optional):
  • Give Your Dog a Daily Routine
  • Hire a dog walker, in case your dog will stay at home alone for long hours.  
  • Teach your dog how to go through obstacles is a nice mental workout for them


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  • Aiji K. - April 24, 2020

    Good ideas for new toys. My dog is getting bored quickly with old ones

  • wodo - March 13, 2020

    Great variety of toys for every dog!

  • Cinthia - March 13, 2020

    What a great selection of toys for my dog! I love the little bag they came in as well. They seem to be durable

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