How do you choose which toys are right for your child?

How do you choose which toys are right for your child?

In this article, we have focused on Toddlers. Do we know how they are playing? How do they learn things? Probably yes, we know, that the learning process is done by acting, doing things.

Play gives your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills by following her unique interests. 

There are so many categories, between then you can find Wooden toys for toddlers are perfect for developing skills including hand-eye coordination, balance, memory, language and social skills, and even problem-solving.

So, there is a huge variety of toys that have been developed for the toddler market. So, How do you choose which are right for your child? 

1. Blocks, geometrical blocks, outdoor toys like for sand and water play.

Because, Toddlers love to take apart, put back together, pull out, put in, add on, and build up. For example, wooden toys for toddlers are perfect for developing skills including hand-eye coordination, social skills, and even problem-solving.


blocks for toodlers sand toys

2. Puzzles

Because Puzzles are the perfect toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving. 

3. Carpenter, doctors, engineers tools, others

Because, toddlers like to play with "Pretend to play toys", toddles like to play with “real” stuff—or toys that look like the real thing.

Firemen equipment



4. Geometry building blocks

Toddlers can stack, match different colorful wooden pieces of various shapes and sizes onto this Geometry building blocks. Shapes include circular rings, octagons, and nesting rectangles. It’s the perfect toy for building recognition and differentiation skills for toddlers.

geometric building blocks

5. Colorful vehicles artwork puzzle

Probably you know it as knob puzzle, ideal for the small hands of your kids. Toddlers are able to pick up and navigate pieces into their designated slots, matching underlay images inside each piece’s designated empty space.

knob puzzle

 6.Building blocks - Pegboard 

A pegboard is traditionally a flat plastic or wooden board with small holes where children place tiny, multi-colored pegs inside using their fingers. 

Fine motor skills involve the use of the hands, fingers and thumbs to do such tasks as grasping, pinching, twisting and pulling. These skills are necessary for daily living activities such as holding a cup, using utensils and dressing oneself.

building pegs

This toy is intended to assist youngsters to develop their fine motor skills, count, and sort, and higher acknowledge patterns. The pegs that go with this set is massive enough to be simply grasped by small fingers and might be stacked on prime of every different to make towers, a superb hand-eye and coordination challenge.

7. Music instruments like guitars, drums, xylophone, percussion  instruments

Because music is an excellent and funny way to teach and learn. Kids can learn rhythm, beat, pattern recognition.



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  • Rob Daniel - April 21, 2019

    Good article. Those games are not only cute but it’s also educational, lots of fun, and easy for little ones to comprehend and play fairly independently once they know the instructions. Kids can play without my help now that we have played together a few times which is great.

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