Is an epilator better than waxing?

Is an epilator better than waxing?

Epilator definition

An epilator is an electrical hair removal device that removes hair from the root.  The tweezers grab hair and pull it out. There can be approximately 20 to 100 tweezers on an epilator, so the epilator can pull out 2 to 4 times the hair with each short pass.

Epilators hair removal for women


Waxing definition

Waxing is the process of applying a soft or hard wax on skin in the direction of hair growth and then removing the hair from its roots by quickly pulling the wax off.

Compare – How long each takes

Using an epilator is very easy. You plug it in or it is battery powered and ready to go. Pass the epilator on your skin against the hair growth and it will remove double-digit numbers of hairs with each pass.

With wax, you have to do some planning to get ready for waxing. Namely, you need to warm your wax which can take 5-15 minutes depending on the wax.

Winner: Epilator

If your account for warming up wax, the epilator can remove hair faster. However, once the wax is warmed up, an experienced waxer will remove hair just as fast as someone who uses epilators regularly.

epilator - 3 functions

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  • Marie Jacquet - January 31, 2020

    Everything works. Fast shipping!! It perfectly copes with its function. Packed well

  • Gil ,the biker - January 30, 2020

    Corresponds to the description, the flashlight really liked it conveniently and you can see small hairs, at times it is not necessary to spend several times in one place

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