Dinosaurs are loved by most kids ? Why?

Dinosaurs are loved by most kids ? Why?

 Before few days I get an interesting article about kids and dinosaurs, saying that “toddler’s dinosaur obsession is making them smarter”.  I’m not sure or beware about that, but I know, and most parents know that your kid knows the name of every kind of dinosaur and memorize their unique features.

green dinosaurThe point is that there are a lot of reasons this might be happening. The knowledge of kids concerning dinosaurs relies on a development that within the field of psychological science is understood as “intense interests”, a  robust motivation for a selected topic.

Kids having such keen interests become more observant, increase their attention span and promote efficient information processing skills. So knowing every single dinosaur by name and which era they come from is setting your child in good stead as a brilliant little learner.

Interest in dinosaurs additionally helps children get their heads around the earth’s timeline and appreciate that tremendous, fascinating things existed long before they did.

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Read more at https://www.mother.ly/news/its-science-your-toddlers-dinosaur-obsession-benefits-their-brain

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