why every kid must play with dolls 

why every kid must play with dolls 

The benefits for boys and girls playing with dolls

Kids will love taking care of their dolls while learning to take care of themselves.
Baby dolls are fantastic toys for both boys and girls to learn about themselves and their world

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The developmental benefits of doll play apply equally to both boys and girls, and yes, boys will enjoy playing with dolls too.  

    1. Assist skills like caring skills, bathing, dressing, feeding a doll will facilitate your kid to learn the way to wash and feed herself/himself.
    2. Cognitive skills like follow and reinforce language skills.
    3. Caring Skills: Imitating the method adults take care of babies' needs like cleaning, bathing, feeding.
    4. New role in the family when a new baby arrives.  To be the big sister/brother and not anymore the young in the family. they’ll be terribly proud to be a helper.


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    Lisa Natcharian, from "Raising Wizards" said that Dolls in particular have a fascinating influence on children. Without any prompting, the smallest child is drawn to models of babies of all shapes and sizes. He knows immediately that he wants to cuddle it; she promptly falls in love and insists on taking it everywhere.

    Regardless of gender, children are captivated by other children, and their attraction to dolls is an extension of this. In addition, we know that play is the method by which children learn about the world around them, and practice the skills they will need as they grow up. Playing with dolls actually provides an opportunity to learn important emotional skills.

    Amber Edwards, from Busy Creating Memories, wrote in her blog, the following  benefits  for kids playing with dolls:

    • Improves motor skills and social skills
    • Assist in teaching your child how to use their hands
    • As Toddlers they begin to learn more about how to “take care” of their dolls, which teach them compassion and selflessness.
    • Dressing, moving the doll around, etc causes the child’s motor skills to develop and improve dramatically.
    • Improve Child’s speech; as they work to talk to the doll. It gives practice for speech and communication skills
    • Dolls can teach them positive ways to interact socially.
    • For preschoolers dolls further improves their social skills
    • Creating imaginary scenarios for their dolls, they have the ability to see beyond themselves, to understand the repercussions of actions, and to develop important strengths, like empathy for others
    • Also in school- dolls help children learn to share and again use their imagination. 



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