22 important ways you can help your kids boost self-esteem

22 important ways you can help your kids boost self-esteem



Every child is different. Self-esteem may come easier to some kids than others. And some kids face things that can lower their self-esteem. But even if a child's self-esteem is low, it can be raised.

Building children's self-esteem is an ongoing part of parenting. Letting children do things for themselves helps them acquire needed skills. When parents respect their children, the children learn to respect themselves. And when parents show affection, kids learn how to share their feelings with others. The way parents interact with their children influences the type of people they become. When parents build their Children’s self-esteem, a foundation for a strong, loving relationship is laid.

Here are things parents can do to help kids feel good about themselves

  • Like, love, embrace & accept yourself
  • Show respect towards others and yourself
  • Help others
  • Treat yourself with kindness & compassion, even & especially when life gets hard

love & embrace

  • See mistakes as an opportunity to learn 
  • Remember no one is perfect
  • Don’t compare yourself to what you see in the media
  • Focus on the things you have control over & can be change
  • Choose friends who treat  you how you want to be treated
  • Laugh, Play, Have Fun


  • Do more of what helps you feel good about yourself
  • Don’t compare your self with others. You are Unique
  • Say ”no” to things you are uncomfortable with 
  • Forgive others. Forgive yourself 
  • Focus on solutions, not problems

solutions - no problems

  • Focus on the positives & be optimistic
  • Set goals & work towards them, step by step
  • Try again when something doesn’t work out 
  • Use good posture. Stand tall as you are

say "no"

  • Remind yourself that your bravery is stronger than your fear
  • Say what you want & need & hope for
  • Tell the truth and be honest


Kids with low self-esteem:

Kids with self-esteem:

  • are self-critical and hard on themselves
  • feel they're not as good as other kids
  • think of the times they fail rather than when they succeed
  • lack confidence
  • believe in themselves
  • feel liked and accepted
  • feel confident
  • feel proud of what they can do
  • think good things about themselves


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